AD 8001029 - Silence falls

Mousehammer dials a much larger number than intended into the Actual Time Rearrangement Action Pack and finds himself at quite a distance into the far future...

The landscape is eerily lit by a wan russet light from a wizened shrunken sun.

Evolution exhausted,
   Civilisation ceased
Life concluded
  In the end
Silence falls

Antikythera Mechanism Day

Happy Cog Day (aka Antikythera Mechanism Day) 

On this day 17 May 1902 evidence of human made gears ( dated 100-150 BCE ) was first identified in an artefact from a shipwreck. 

The Perschon Equivalence



A strange sample,the weight and specific mass were abnormal.
What could it be ?
A tiny vibration.
The 'scope revealed a mystery, a recursion, but artificial.
What could it mean ?

Steamfest 2020

Mousehammer operated the "Randomise" lever on the "Actual Time Rearranging Activity Pack" he had "borrowed" from the Itinerant Temporal Syndicate and found himself in the midst of a steam-powered jamboree of substantial extent in the town of Sheffield in lutruwita/Tasmania...

First place excellent costume

Those LARP Guys and Judge Jacqui

Actual Time Rearranging Activity Pack

One of the Itinerant Temporal Syndicate's developments in the field of meta-cyclical chronology is/was/will-be the Actual Time Rearranging Activity Pack ...

The device is fueled by "The Remembrance of Things Past" (also known as Proustian particles) extracted from the ambient enviroment. The particles are processed by a tachyon shredder to create a temporal distortion field whereby the operator may imagine themselves to many locations throughout the multiverse. Heavy duty multi-level whimsy dampers are employed to keep the more ludicrous reactions under control.