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Welcome to Prof. Hildebrand Mousehammer's Wunderkammer .
Steampunk curiosities and Everywhen explorations abound.

About Mousehammer: cyclist, contraptor, inventor and communicator.
Mousehammer comes from a long line of contraptors, all the way back to Heironomous Mousehammer's work on the Antikythera Machine. This is the family crest, the mouse and hammer on a field of gears

Mousehammer's invention of the "Transdimensional Operators Pacifying Helmet And Translator" made possible the exploration of many extended Realms of the Multiverse without all that inconvenient madness that transdimensional travel previously incurred. 

  • Construction of the South Pentacle Giant Metal Robot
  • Mousehammer served on the Antarctic Steam Penguin Expedition of Z057. 
  • Inventor of the Transdimensional Operators Pacifying Helmet And Translator (T.O.P.H.A.T)
  • Inventor of Mousehammer's Morse Messaging Mauser.
  • Memory Mill confabulator for Bangor Slate & Airship Co.
  • Constructor SSK "Talune"
  • Communications Officer G.T.A.S "Ponrabbel Boilertrumpet" 
  • Bachelor of Contraptory .
  • Certificate of Electinkery
  • Member of the Gizmatic League of Wheelmen.
  • Semaphore Operator Class 3 . 
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