Franklin House

 It could be 1914, or was it the Jonquil Restoration of 3254 or just a meta-temporal occlusion bridging the times together ? A stylish residence and dapper folks, drinking tea and listening to brass bands. In any case Mousehammer resolved to leave the mystery for another time and just enjoy a nice cup of tea...

Steamfest 2021

Steamfest 2021, Sheffield, Tasmania 




A world of their own

After a thorough analysis of the data Mousehammer managed, by much digital contortion, to activate the artefact with the code he felt sure would do something...

A pyramid of inscribed stones emerged from the ground. 

 Close examination revealed a wealth of inter-dimensional co-ordinates. 


Mousehammer selected a likely set of co-ordinates and activated the Actual Time Rearranging Action Pack. 

Another pleasant, but strange, place to explore.

Curiouser and curiouser: Some of the vegetation in this sector seemed to be composed of metals 

Many of the lifeforms were quite sedentary, like this hark rust-owl

But they were capable enough to make nests and lay eggs

Other creatures had no musculature at all !

How can they even move ?

Careful there Eugene

Fortunately Eugene was quite placid

"Your teeth are in very good condition"

Baffled (as usual)

A forgotten sketch

 And there, between the pages of the aged encyclopedia Mousehammer discovered a sketch depicting a strange village. Airship technology, signal towers and lighthouses. Possible rail infrastructure. 

How long ago ? Where could it be ? And who might have drawn it ? 

The mysteries continue... 

The forgotten sketch


Mousehammer took the sketch to the workshop/laboratory of  Ms. Lily Blanc Cliquer De Vitesse noted robot expert and artist to unravel the mystery. 

Ms. Lily Blanc's workshop


"This ancient sketch will have a vibrational connection to the place it depicts, its the old "simplex, complex and multiplex". I believe we can scan this through my Argleplex robot's quantum disentangler and get a better view of the place it is drawn from" she said. 

Taking the sketch, she fed it to the robot. The robot blinked and whirred for a considerable time. They played chess to pass the time. After what seemed like forever the the robot gave a cheery "bing" and the ready flag was raised on its indicator panel. 

"Well, lets see" said Ms. Lily and she adjusted the robot's mechanism.

"Ready ?" she asked. 

"Steam on!" declared Mousehammer.

An image formed on the robot's front panel

"I say ! look at that" exclaimed Mousehammer. 

Lily attached a magic lantern attachment to the robot and it projected the picture on the wall before them: 

Quantum disentangled picture

"This is splendid, thank you. Now we need to examine this for clues we can decode into dimensional co-ordinates" 

"All in a days work" she smiled. 

Peripatetic perigrinations


 As the airship made it's way towards the centre of the floating island, the scale of the engineering required for its levitation became apparent. 



"This is the heart of our efforts, for millennia we have refined and tuned this mechanism. And now we fly " said the Elder.



From a mysterious signal to a strange destination

Mousehammer dialled the co-ordinates he obtained from the Inter-dimensional Calculator into the Actual Time Rearranging Activity Pack and was transported to the small leafy corner of a minor dimension.

The Artefact was clearly the source of the tachyon emissions he had detected and had decoded.  

How could this be ?


Examination of the surface revealed silver discs inset into the stone, a touch control system ? but clearly for a hand with a different architecture to average humans. But quotes from human philosophers ? A puzzle.

Who could have built this ?


Mousehammer measured and recorded parameters and data from the Artefact.  

Further consideration and reflection would be required to unravel this mystery or maybe not.